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WIP: custom catalogs

Be gentle, this is my first post in the “Work in progress” series…

The new OPDS 1.1 standard introduces a new “featured books” concept, which I wanted to implement. And, while we were at it, I thought that you (the user) will be happy to choose which books are listed in this “featured books” catalog.

So, I developed a parser for Calibre Query Language (CQL) that can interpret a search that you would enter in Calibre search bar, or even a saved search. This way, it will be very easy to choose which books are included in the featured catalog.

And that was a lot of work. Trust me. A lot, a lot, a lot of hard and difficult work. And I’m not through yet 😉

So, I realized that this CQL parser could be used for other, also interesting features.

Dave suggested that we replaced the “tags that will be included in the catalog” and “tags that will be excluded of the catalog” options with a CQL filter, and that was a great idea (as always with Dave).

And I imagined having a number of custom sub-catalogs (complete with Tags, Authors and all subsections) defined by you, the user. That would be quite easy to do, with our brand new CQL parser !

So we did it; you can now add any number of sub-catalogs to your catalog, filter the main book list with either a saved search or a search query, and everything looks really nice :

Yes I know, I’m a Starwars nut 😉

Here, I hope you like having a preview of the features we’re working on !

Happy reading,

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