What’s new in 2.4 ?

The following are the highlights for the calibre2odps 2.4 release. There are a lot of small enhancements as well as bug fixes for reported issues. For more detail see the Release Notes that are included with the release.

Some of the major new features are:

Additional Languages

A start has been made in supporting Italian, Spanish and Russian. This is currently only partial (English is still used where the translation is not yet available) and it is hoped that users will improve the quality of the support for these languages by providing additional translations.

See the Developer section of the documentation to see how you can contribute to providing additional translations or enhancing existing ones.

Epub metadata updating

Calibre does not automatically update the metadata in ePub files when you update the metadata in Calibre. Calibre only updates the metadata in its library copy of epub files if you ran a conversion to epub. This can result in you downloading files via calibre2opds only to find that they do not reflect the latest metadata held in Calibre. This feature causes calibre2opds to update the metadata in epub files to be aligned with the calibre database metadata.

Improved support for external links

LibraryThings and Amazon are now available as options if you generate external links within your catalogs.

Improved Series Support

You can now have unordered series (Series Index set to 0). Also the All Books level can be ordered by Series.

Improved Logging Support

Improvements have been made to the logging system built into calibre2opds.

While this is not important while calibre2opds is working well, it is important when problems are encountered. While every effort is made to ensure that calibre2opds works ‘out-of-the-box’ with the vast array of different systems and setups that are used, it is is almost inevitable that some users will encounter problems.

The improvements to the logging should both help users who want to diagnose their own problems, and also allow for more comprehensive diagnostic information to be provided to the calibre2opds developers when intractable problems are encountered.

Improved User Feedback while Running

calibre2opds has always provided basic feedback at runtime indicating what phase of catalog generation was currently being worked on. However with large libraries some of the phases could take quite a long time to execute. The feedback has now been enhanced to provide far more granular feedback within a phase so that the end-user can be confident that calibre2opds is still working away generating their catalog.

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