What’s new in 3.0 ?

The 3.0 release of calibre2opds is a major new revision of the calibre2opds tool with lots of new features.

We had originally started working on a calibre2opds 2.5 release, but as we went on we realized that the changes we were making were far more extensive than might be expected of a point release. We decided that it was therefore time to jump our version numbering to the 3.x series to reflect this.

The following are the highlights for the calibre2odps 3.0 release. This release is in finl stages of preparation for release so the exact contents of the final release are unlikely to change now although we reserve the right to make additional changes if they seem to be needed.

Some of the new features are:

Changes to Web Site usage(s)

Calibre2opds takes advantages of facilites offered by a number of web sites to support different facets of the project. Major changes recently inroduced include:

Our own domain

We now have out own domain of calibre2opds.com. Hopefully this will make it easier for users to find an duse the resources that relate to calibre2opds.

New home page

The home pages for calibre2opds are now hosted by WordPress and ahve been given an updated look-and-feel.

New site for source code

The source code is now hosted by Google Code rather than Launchapd. We have found this easier to work with, and hopefully our users who are interested in the source code will feel the same.

New issue reporting system

We have moved all reporting of issues and tracking of bugs to the service offered by JetBrains. This provides richer functionality than the previous system based on LaunchPad abd we think users will find it much easier and more intuitive to use.

Major Changes

OPDS 1.1 compatibility

The OPDS v1.1 has now been released, and this version of calibre2opds creates catalogs that conform to this version of the standard.

Search facilities within HTML catlogs

This facility takes advantages of the facilities in modern browsers with HTML 5 support to do client side searching.   W.e are treating this as an excperimental feature as we do not know how well it will perfor for large libraries,

Custom Catalogs

This is an ability requested by many users. It allows you to to create new custom-catalogs that are displayed at the top level of the calibre2opds generated catalog. These catalogs can be one sthat are external to the current library, or ones which are generated using search critieria against the current library.

Featured Books

This feature allows you to specify a set of books from your Calibre library that you wish to give a ‘fetured’ status to help promote them to your users.   OPDS clients that aware of this OPDS feature may elect to handle displaying this list in their own special way.

Here is a link to an article that was writen on a possible use of this facility. Featured Books also takes advantage of the concept of a Base URL as discussed in the linked article above

Minor Changes

There are a lot of small enhancements. For more detail see the Release Notes that are included with the release.

The following changes and new features are the ones that are most likely to be relevant to the average user:

Improved Control over Library Images

In the past calibre2opds has generated images that were optimized for use either as covers or as thumbnails for use within the catalog. Those who are space constrained (e.g. DropBox users) have asked why the existing Calibre cover.jpg files cannot be re-used for these purposes. The user can now decide on the trade-off they want to make between space or runtime download volume when displaying calibre2opds catalogs.

Improved User Feedback while Running

calibre2opds has always provided basic feedback at runtime indicating what phase of catalog generation was currently being worked on. However with large libraries some of the phases could take quite a long time to execute. The feedback has now been enhanced to provide more feedback about overall progress. You can now also tidily stop a run if for any reason you realise that you do not want to let the catalog generation run to completion.

Bug fixes

There are large numbers of bugs that have been reported by users and that are fixed in this release.   Hopefully we have not introduced too many new ones!  For more details refer to the Release notes.

An important pointis that we have improved the general handling of errors so in the (inevitable) case of users still encountering errors for things that have not been forseen the diagnostics that are gathered have been improved.

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